Aloha from Maui, Hawaii

Visit paradise in the middle of the sea. A world away from the same old thing, a perfect place for lovers to soak in some precious time together. A photographers dream, a water lovers paradise and oh so many amazing beaches.

Relax, rest and play.... you deserve some time on the island. It's so well loved that it's earned the popular saying "Maui No Ka Oi" (Maui is the best).

Tour of the Week:

Maui Scape's New Clipper II helicopter rocks! One of the best and most thrilling ways to see Maui is by Helicopter. I've been spending some time lately with MauiScape Helicopters building some virtual tours for them and was amazed at how awesome the viewing windows were. It was also very affordable relatively and each of the 3 seat has huge window views. You can also fly with the doors off and request where you go.

Check out Mauiscape Here is a premier digital property photography and virtual tour company on Maui, Hawaii. We've been shooting tours since 2001 and chosen by so many that we have built this site for you to check out the island before your visit and during your stay. You are able to browse the various maui vacation rental resorts and condos so you know what they look like, where they are located, and what to expect. We have shot 100's of rooms and have featured many on our website. Our new site is in process with 82 resorts and a ton of tours - you'll see much more in the next few months. You'll be able to find exactly what you are looking for because you will see it for yourself.

From the west side of Lahaina, Napili, Ka'anapali and Kapalua all the way south to Wailea, Makena and Kihei you'll get a feel for the land. Even on the world famous road to Hana or to the big surf north of Maui in Paia, Haiku and Huelo, you'll find vacation rentals and resorts on

We enjoy over 1500 unique visitors a day checking out maui and even rent many of these places through us or through the owner we have listed on the individual tours. You can also explore virtual tours of some of the most popular beaches and other areas of Maui.

Use the navigation bars on the top of the page or click the images on the right to see different places on the island. As most of our business is beautiful properties for sale and vacation rental condominiums, you'll get an inside look at where you are staying.

As mentioned above, you'll find virtual tours, photographs, videos and some useful information on Maui's great Beaches, Restaurants(currently disabled due to spammers), weather, surf reports, activities, airlines, rental cars and even some local service clubs and community causes.

We've added hundreds of tours and are quite a bit behind on our site,

maui photo We also share many great vacation rental condos and resorts as well as a huge selection of real estate for sale including homes, lots and condos from Wailea to Kihei, Maalaea to Lahaina, and all the way to Napili Bay and Kapalua. Maui has some of the most beautiful homes on the planet and you can see inside many of them right on this site. Whether you have $10 million in the bank to buy one or would just like to see how the super wealthy play, you'll hopefully enjoy the free tours and photographs. Please excuse our broken links as spammers attacked our restaurant reviews and we are having to rebuild that section. Changes are being made constantly to satisfy our over 30,000 unique visitors each month. For those interested in our services and prices you may click here.

Our mission is to provide useful, accurate information through high quality virtual tours on Maui Hawaii to assist the two million visitors each year.

Beaches are a big reason why Maui has been voted the best island in the world in 2007.  Any many beaches that have been designated Best Beach in the world are on Maui .... Ka'anapali Beach, Kapalua Beach, Makena Beach and Hamoa is now in the top five. One important tidbit of information to know is that beach and water conditions and even sand levels can and do change with the weather. Storms on the thousands of miles of open ocean as far as New Zealand effect the ocean and beach conditions.

walking on the beachThis provides great opportunities for water sports, but can 'blow out' some of the water clarity. Some days sea weed may come up to the beach, in winter times the sand can easily move up or down several feet changing the way the beaches look from our photos and virtual tours.  Winter time creates stormier seas which provide better surfing and boogie boarding, but can cloud the water visibiliy more.  Best time to adventure out is early in the morning as the ocean, wind and waves build throughout the day.

Please enjoy your visit here, we do apologize that we can't keep up with demand, but we are very proud that is Maui's premiere Virtual Tour company making thousands of tours each year. We've put togther this site to help the millions of visitors see some information on the island of Maui, Hawaii. Since we make so many tours - up to 150/week, we thought it would be nice to put them in one place for you, although we are amazingly behind, we do post new stuff on a daily basis.

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