East Maui Beaches
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       The Road to Hana is an experience that almost everyone should do.  Those fearful while driving along heights may want to just stick to these virtual tours. The road starts just after Paia and Haiku beginning to wind around the jagged north coast of the main island of Maui. The roads winds through lush jungle and along magnificant cliffs.  You'll see waterfalls, gorgeous views, bamboo forests, one lane bridges gorgeous flowering trees and amazing flowers along the road. You may enjoy a side stop to check out the shores and ocean breaking on jagged lava in the town of Kenio, but for sure don't miss Hamoa beach. Hana town is small and the Hana Bay ranch is a great place for lunch or stop by one of the two groceries stores for bread and luncheon meat and head to the beach for some phenomenol boogie boarding and fun surfing on Hamoa beach.   The sites get better after Hana and the 7 pool and some of the gulches are terrific to see and take a dip.  Camping is available in a few places.  Go to Hana if you can take a mountain side ride and long to see Heaven.